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1. What's your favorite animal? Hmm. Dogs or horses or grizzly bears or birds or i dont know!
2. Why? I love animals :P
3. Have any pets? Elvis the Dog
4. Ever go bird watching? I have before, but not recently
5. Whale watching? nope
6. Ever go fishing? Hah my grandpa bought me full-blown fishing rod for my fourth birthday. Yes.
7. Are you a vegitarian/vegan? Nooosir.
8. Ever play Super Monkey Ball? Nope
9. Do you watch anything on Animal Planet? Haha yes
10. Any bad experiences at a zoo? Not unless you count dying from the heat

1. I love chocolate
2. I know all the words to "Beverly Hills"
3. I think "Lady and the Tramp" is the most romantic cartoon ever made

4. Summer vacation ends in August for me
5. My camera is the best thing I own
6. I have TiVo
7. I have/can fake a British accent
8. There are more than two bathrooms in my house
9. I can walk to my best friend's house in under five minutes
10. The flag on my mailbox is broken

1. What was the last movie you saw in a theater? The Devil Wears Prada. Which sucked.
2. Rented? Uhh Rent, actually :P
3. Bought? Oh man. Nothing recently.
4. Out of those three, which was the best? Rent
5. What's your all-time favorite movie? Hah uhm. Big Fish.
6. Least favorite? Donnie Darko -ducks-
7. If there was a remake of The Wizard of Oz, who would you choose to play Dorothy? It doesn't matter, because it would suck. A lot.
8. Speaking of which, do you believe it that whole "hanging munchkin" thing? Ahah no I saw a thing on TV like that, I think they said it was either supposed to be a big cardboard cutout of a bird or a hanging piece of set.
9. Who was a better Willy Wonka; Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp? GENE WILDER. The new Willy Wonka movie was twisted.
10. What's the best snack to eat while watching movies? Popcorn, or chocolatey things.

Depression & Sadness
1. Are you sad right now? no
2. Did anything upsetting happen this past week? Nope
3. Do you think you're depressed? nope
4. Do you listen to sad music? Haha if I'm sad
5. Have you cheered anyone up recently? Yeppers
6. Has anyone cheered you up? Yeppers
7. Has anyone close to you ever died? Yep, my grandma.
8. Do you get upset when you hear child abuse stories on the news? Who doesn't?
9. Do you cry a lot? Nahh
10. Do you watch sad movies/TV shows? Hah yes

Everyday Routine
1. What time do you usually get up? 6:30. Because I have to go to summer school so I can get my advanced Regents diploma. -kills self-
2. Do you shower in the morning or at night? Morning
3. Do you floss? Yep
4. Do you have a job? nope
5. Name one person you see every day. Brent
6. What song are you tired of hearing every friggen day? That "Bad Day" song, that "Temperature" song.. uhh everything on the local radio station that just replays the same songs over and over again.
7. Do you exercise daily? Not in the summer :/
8. What's one thing you have to do every day? Shower
9. What do you wish you could do every day? haha mon copain. :P no just kidding sort of, uhhm, go swimming.
10. How do you like to relax at the end of the day? sleep

Food & Drink
1. What's your favorite breakfast? pancakes and baconnn
2. Lunch? sandwiches
3. Dinner?I can't pick!
4. Restaurant? Erawan
5. Coca Cola, Pepsi, or Water? Pepsi
6. Do you drink water? Yep
7. Can you drink alcohol legally? nope
8. If no, do you drink it anyway? Not a lot :P
9. What's your favorite food to cook? Mac & Cheese. :P
10. Coffee or Tea? tea
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