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Name: Jacob
Age: 19
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Single/Taken/Not sure?:(pictures are nice too, of both of you) Single =[

Sorry, I am not on my norm computer and the only other pic I have is me drunk... It's quite scary looking.

Me with way shorter hair =\


Simply finish the sentences, maybe a short explanation if applicable.

I admire... Gandhi, he overcame diversity and taught that many conflicts can be solved without violence. He helped free a nation, and unite a people. His devotion to his cause is inspiring. Like I enjoy saying, "I would rather lose everything to fight for what I believe in, than to have everything and and do nothing."

I cherish... Friends, we are given a family with no choice in whom they are. But we make friends who become our family, friends support us no matter what. They help us continue fighting when we feel like we have lost strength

I'd give my life for... Anyone. No one life is more important than another, but to live selflessly helps us rise above our petty disagreement and become better people, not superior beings, but better in judgment against our own growth and selves, not versus others'.

I'm intelligent in the area of... Languages. I love languages, and that is why I speak so many. haha. Also if I had to say so, I think I am intelligent in the area of advising others on matters of being.

If all the world was listening, I'd yell... Stop the ignorant fights. No two people will ever be identical in their beliefs. Since that is, we must learn to accept our differences. Each different persons' experiences teach us lessons that would would not learn if they were the same as us.


Embarrass yourself in front of someone you love or in front of a stranger? In front of someone I love, cuz then I would have just one more thing to laugh about with them later on down the road =]

Having to listen to Green Day for an entire day or listen to Mozart once? Green Day for an entire day, they are one of my favorites. Though Mozart was a musical mastermind, who's legacy will way beyond Billie Joe's. No offense... Billie Joe is adorable ;-]

Going to the movies or hosting a party?I hate cleaning others' messes, but hosting a party. If I did, then I could meet new people, and extend my branch of friends. =]

Singing in front of an audience or bungee jumping? My friend tell me I have a good voice, but idk. I have bad stage fright... but I am much more acrophobic.

Killing a good friend or giving it all up and living on the streets? Easy, Streets. My friends are my life, and if one of them died, I would die as well.


5 bands
1. Green Day
2. PANIC! At the Disco
3. Secondhand Serenade
4. Blank Logic
5. Fall Out Boy

5 songs
1. Tested and True
2. Waiting for Winter
3. Would You Go with Me
4. Time Warp
5. Cute Without the E
6. Teufelswerk

5 movies
1. Shogun
2. An Unfinished Life
3. Diary of a Mad Black Woman
4. Stewie Griffin, An Untold Story
5. Spirited Away
6. The Last Castle

5 television shows
1. Futurama
2. Kyle XY
3. Family Guy
4. 8 Simple Rules
5. War at Home

You on Yourself

Do you think you're attractive? idk.. Maybe a little, I mean girls seem to want me. Despite being gay. haha but I love my eyes =]

What kind of personality do you think you have? A caring one, selfless. I believe I have a sincere personality.
Do you see yourself as intelligent? I do
What do you think others think of you? "He such a fruit, but hard to dislike him" =]
Are you outgoing or shy? I was very shy at one point, but then I realized that living life unnoticed gets you nowhere. Sometimes you have to be a little daring to succeed.

You in Society

Do you care what others think of you? To a point. I don't want others to think I am a bad person, but I will not compromise whom I am.
Do you care if people think you have a bad/good reputation? Again... I want to be thought of as a good person.
Do you care if people consider your personality annoying? No, my personality is whom I am, someone has to like me for it.
What does hatred mean to you? I believe one can only trully hate that which is evil. I believe we mistake hate for bigotry or ignorance.


Pick one topic, anything, that you may have an opinion on. Try to be original and be truthful.

RELIGION: I believe faith is important. No matter what that faith may be, Buddhist, Daoist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Shinto, etc.. I feel that we need something to believe in. Faith gives us hope, and gives us a firm moral foundation for whom we are to become. Without faith I believe one cannot truly have the hope that one which has faith has. Faith shapes whom we are, and we shape our faiths.
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